The rocky woods and fields provide an astounding display of fungi. Most appear after a period of rainy weather.  I’ve found them at all times of the year. The colors are quite diverse ranging from vivid orange-red to yellow, blue, black, white, and almost anything in between. Some are so exquisite that they take your breath away. One can’t help being amazed or at least charmed by their beauty.


One day I hope to be able to recognize them by name and know which ones are edible. I haven’t had a chance to delve into that study yet– one more thing on the list of projects I want to do. I’ve got a start with a great book I found. I think it’s out of print now but luck may allow one to still find it on the internet- A Field Guide to Southern Mushrooms by Nancy Smith Weber and Alexander H. Smith with Photographs by Dan Guravich. It was published in 1985. You can click on the images below to get to a larger view of these amazing fungi.