Link to All Plant Pages

My goal is to write a page for each Native Wildflower growing on Ozarkedge. This is a works-in-progress and I have many more pages to add.  Below is an alphabetical list that links to the pages I’ve completed so far.  Each page follows a standard format with the following headings-Latin Name/ Common Name, Bloom Color, Plant Description, Bloom Time, Habitat, What’s Growing Nearby, Endangered List, and Interesting Tidbits.

Click on the Plant name to go to the page. Click on the flower for a larger picture of each flower. Enjoy!

Agalinis fasciculata Slender False Foxglove 

Amsonia tabernaemontana Blue Star 

Antennaria parlinii Pussy Toes 

Arisaema dracontium Green Dragon 

Asclepias variegata Variegated milkweed 

Calamintha arkansana Ozark Calamint 

Camassia scilloides Wild Hyacinth 

Cardamine concatenata Toothwort 

Cardamine douglassi Purple Spring Cress 

Cephalanthus occidentalis Buttonbush

Claytonia virginica Spring Beauty

Coreopsis grandiflora Large-flowered Tickseed 

Corydalis flavula Pale Corydalis 

Delphinium carolinianum Prairie Larkspur 

Delphinium tricorne Dwarf Larkspur 

Desmodium rotundifolium Dollar leaf 

Dicentra cucullaria Dutchmans Breeches 

Dodecatheon meadia Shooting Star 

Erythronium albidum Dog tooth violet 

Geranium maculatum Wild Geranium 

Glandularia canadensis Rose Verbena 

Helianthus mollis Ashy sunflower 

Helianthus silphioides Ozark sunflower 

Iris cristata Crested Iris 

Maianthemum racemosum False Solomons Seal 

Manfreda virginica False aloe 

Matalea decipiens Climbing Milkweed

Monarda fistulosa Wild Bergamot 

Mimosa nuttallii Sensitive Briar 

Nothoscordum bivalve False Garlic 

Opuntia humifosa Prickly pear cactus 

Palafoxia callosaSpanish Needles 

Passiflora incarnata Passion Flower

Penstemon pallidus Pale beardtongue  Penstemon pallidus03

Penstemon tubaeflorus Tubed beardtongue 

Phlox divaricata Woodland Phlox 

Podophyllum peltatum Mayapple 

Pycnanthemum albescens Whiteleaf mountain mint 

Rudbeckia hirta Black-eyed susan 

Rudbeckia submentosa Sweet black-eyed Susan 

Sabatia angularis Rose gentian 

Sanguinaria canadensis Bloodroot 

Sedum pulchellum Widows cross 

Silene virginica Fire Pink 

Silphium Integrifolium Rosinweed 

Spigelia marilandica Indian pink 

Stenanthium gramineum Featherbells 

Tephrosia virginiana Goats rue 

Thalictrum thalictroides Rue Anemone 

Trillium recurvatum Purple trillium 

Uvularia grandifloria Large Bellwort